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    Baggage Files Gone AWAL in RH6

      Hi all,

      Recently I have experienced a problem in RoboHelp 6 under a project that I have been working on for the past few years that has not had any problems before. In trying to create a new baggage file from an .xls source file from a network drive, the baggage file is being created by RoboHelp to the source file of my project on my local drive, however thet baggage file itself is not visually appearing in the project manager pane in RH for me to link it to my topics, any suggestions? I have attempted to rename the file about 4 times now and all of the renamed files are appearing in my projects source file now as "unused files", however I still cannot get the file to apper in project manager.

      I was reading about looking at the rhbag.apj file and do not see the baggage file that I attempted to create listed there, being the file does now exist in the projects source file, could I just manually add the same file name from the source file to the rhbag.apj file manually in notepad?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Yes, absolutely!

          Good luck,
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            ginterd Level 1
            Thanks, I went in and manually altered the rhbag.apj file in notepad, saved it, then replaced the file in a backup copy of my project's source file, launched it in RH, and the file is there.

            I just have one more question now. Now that the file is there, I went to batch generate the test project and I'm recieving a RoboHelp HTML error window which reads "The parameter is incorrect", any thoughts on this one? I did not alter my orignal project, however when I bring up the original project I'm recieving the same error. I can generate the primary layout, however when I attempt to just simply batch generate the project I'm recieving the error upon clicking batch generate. Could this be associated with a problem with the project not allowing my baggage files to display to begin with, and now that I've fixed that problem, the other problem is still there?

            Thanks again!
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              Nevermind my above question about the "parameter not found", I should look before I leap

              I managed to locate snippet # 73 on Peter Grainge's site which point me to deleting the .pss file in windows explorer and re-opening my project. I did this and it worked wonderfully with nothing appearing to be missing. I'll be more investigative in the future. Gotta love those snippets!