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    Reviews, please.


      Hey everybody,


      We've put a program online for the Air Force Academy that we usually put on CDs.  I'm real uncomfortable just because of how many operating systems, browsers, and web connection types there are out there.  I'd really appreciate it if any of you could check out the program and let me know if you have any problems, and what kind of system you're testing it on.  Right now it runs perfect on my machine which is running both Firefox and IE on Windows XP with a cable connection.  I had one guy try it with Vista on a DSL connection and it locked up a couple of times on him.  I can usually fix things if I can duplicate them, but I can't duplicate the problems he's having.


      You can view the program here:  http://www.word1inc.com/PreLaunch2013


      I used MX2004 to create this, by the way.



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          I clicked around it a bit (though I didn't click on every single button by far) and it worked fine on my Vista 32-bit through Firefox with the 11.5 version of the Shockwave plugin.  Only thing of note is that the buttons had their bounding rectangle whitespace visible - they should probably be set to background transparent in order to avoid this.