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    CS4 Trial - Has anyone actually been able to install it?


      I have downloaded the trial software and tried to install for two days now. I have tried to install on XP home as well as Vista with the same problem : Error UninstallColorProfilesRollback occurs preventing the installer from updating existing color profiles when installing the Adobe Creative Suite 4 product.


      I have installed adobe support advisor which leads to a knowledgebase article that is supposed to correct this issue but has not. I have followed the step numerous times and have the same results each time. I have submitted a case to support including the above message that ASA gives and I was asked what message was given so I cut and pasted my original message to them. (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb403891)


      If I am expected to pay $700 because it wont be an upgrade for me, I would expect to be able to install and use the software - anyone else have this problem or better yet a real resolution?



      and BTW I am NOT running XP Pro on this PC as detected by adobe's advisor. It is XP Home, SP3.