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    problem installing CS4 update


      I've been emailing back and forth with Adobe support but no solution to this yet.

      I don't think the person I'm speaking with quite understands my problem (!)


      After not being able to install the CS4 updates, I uninstalled all my adobe programs, and searched thru registry to remove any adobe refererences


      I can install the CS4 programs (I have the Production Premiere package), but my monitor card says I need to update to the latest version of CS4 premierePro 4.0.1 (If I'm not mistaken)


      I downloaded the update zip file on my "internet computer", transfered it to my "editing computer" via a memory stick. When I open the zip file, I see a setup.exe file, which I would think should get things going. But it freezes (this program has stopped responding).


      anyone else have this problem??? am I going about the installation wrong? do I need some kind of Updater Program (which I've read on here may also be causing some problems)


      any help is appreciated.


      I'm using a Dell winXP SP3 with plenty of Ram, speed and hard dirve space.