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    5D MkII -> Quicktime Pro -> MP4 -> Premiere, why 4:3?!??!

    Joe Chott

      I was trying to find a workflow that would allow me to do my video editing on Premiere.  This has been a very expensive and frustrating road...


      For some reason, if I export a 5D MkII .mov file using Quicktime Pro using:


      File Format: MP4


      Video Format: Pass through


      I end up with an .MP4 file that plays perfectly with VLC, and is even in 1920x1200 resolution and aspect ratio.


      However, if I import that into Premiere, it shows up as 4:3 (and yet 1920x1200 resolution... go figure!).


      To give you an idea, if I drag the original 5D MkII .mov file for the same video into the SAME project in Premiere, it shows up with the correct aspect ratio.


      So this is obviously something wrong with how Premiere is handling this .MP4 file that Quicktime Pro has produced.


      Can anyone help me on this?  I have video to work on and this is majorly screwing me up. 


      -Joe Chott


      P.S. I did try Cineform Neo Scene, but importing anything that program has produced just crashes Premiere, so that didn't help me one bit...