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    Exporting a movie into Encore


      I've been working at this all day, watched the tutorial videos and read the instructions,but I wondered if someone could help me!!


      All I'm trying to do is render and export my Premiere Pro CS4 movie into Encore and burn it to a dvd.  I saved it as an avi file and also saved it as an mpeg2.  The avi rendering erased all my sequence markers.


      What is the best format in which to save my movie so that it ends up as a dvd movie?  It is 1:46:00 long.  Also, will I need a dual layer dvd?



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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          If you are using CS4, you dont need to render at all.  Just use the option under dynamic link to send to Encore.    If you set web markers on the timeline, they will be retained in encore.



          1:46 will fit on a single layer; but anything over 1.30 (my rule of thumb) will start to suffer quality. Encore can burn either.   You can try it at single layer and see if its ok.  If you dont have a lot of motion you might be ok.

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            rhubarbpiealamode Level 1

            Thank.  But, then what?  Do I click on Build and then DVD Master?  I'm lost here.

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              Curt Wrigley Level 4

              Once the timeline is in Encore, you author and burn it there.  That can be as simple as making the tlimeline the first play item and burning, or you can create ellaborate menus before burning.


              Either way, Encore wll encode the video for you so it fits onto the DVD you choose (single or double sided).


              If you have never used encore; you should watch some tutorials on it; or read up.   If you have a specific question; feel free to ask.

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                rhubarbpiealamode Level 1

                I'll keep looking for videos that show how to burn dvds in Encore.



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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  You will find several tutorials here that will help you with Encore.


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    One of the best resources on Encore, that you can get is Jeff Bellune's book, The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press, ISBN 0-240-52004-1. Do not let the version number throw you. With the exception of the Dynamic Link (DL) to PrPro CS4 (you've already got that one down), it covers Encore from start to finish, with great tips on how to do everything in Encore, and includes references to its interfacing with Photoshop and AfterEffects. The book is available on Amazon.com. Good news is that it's on SALE! Personally, I wish that the book did not carry the Encore 2.0 title, as 99% of it still applies directly to CS4 and the very few changes could be handled with a single addendum sheet, maybe downloaded from a Web site. Great resource, even today.


                    Encore is also an easy program to use, once one gets their head around the purpose of it. It is a DVD authoring program and nothing else (except for a limited SlideShow feature, and PrPro is much better at making SlideShows with any complexity, than is Encore). Luckily, the GUI in Encore is not that different, than is PrPro - it just covers some different territory. You use the Project Panel (Importing Assets in several ways, Menu, Asset, Timeline. With DL, you really have taken care of that aspect. I find that the Flowchart is very intuitive to work with, and just a little experience with it will allow you to author you DVD's structure in almost any way.


                    There is also an Adobe Encore forum, where various aspects of the program are broken down into sub-fora, by subject. Almost anything that you can imagine with a DVD is covered in the various articles there. Though Encore is now part of PrPro, that forum is the better place to cover the workings of Encore, than here. Take a few moments and read over the articles there, as you will likely get a crash course in the workings of Encore. I would address any Encore specific questions in that forum, as there are many knowledgable users, who do not edit in PrPro.


                    The link that Eddie gave you is great, as well. It has a good overview of the program.


                    Good luck,




                    [Edit] One other resource is Muvipix.com, which has several fora in their "Community" area. One is "DVD Authoring." Use of the fora is free, though there is material that can be downloaded for a fee, or by subscribers, like stock footage, music and DVD Menus. I've done several articles on the rudimentary aspects of Encore and they are posted there. Many seem to have been lost from the Adobe Encore forum, during the changover, but may yet be found. Some disappeared in the earlier attempt to revamp the Adobe fora and will probably never be found.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      See 'ya in the Encore forum.