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    Witchcraft - B-24 bomber flight


      I didn't post these here a few weeks ago because, well, these forums suck now, and I was rebelling.  Now that it seems they're here to stay, I guess I better suck it up and get over it.


      SO... here are pictures of my early 30th birthday present with my daddy.  He has been tring to ride on this for a couple of years - been on the waiting list for that long.  He was finally going to get to ride, and he asked if I wanted to tag along.  Ummm... DUH!!!


      We were the only two passengers.  The other people on board with us were filming a documentary about Liberators.  They mic'd my dad up and interviewed him heavily about my grandfather (he was a gunner/engineer on a B-24).  We got a bit longer flight than they normally give.  We also got to do a 300mph 200ft fly over with the bombay doors open!  It was AWESOME! And LOOOUUUUDDD!!! :-)