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    exporting 16:9 movie

    Cliff Gordon

      I have a project I'm having problems with...I shot SD 16:9 with a Sony D30sw on DVCAM. I opened a 16:9 project and imported the footage. Everything imports correctly. I edit my sequence and export as a DV avi. It opens with media player and plays perfectly 16:9, full frame, no letterbox. I bring this file into Squeeze so I can compress it for web delivery. The file I get is 4:3 letterboxed...I've tried to force 19:9 aspect ratio sizes. No change. I just want a full frame 16:9 compressed file, not letterboxed. What am I missing??? Thanks

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          My guess would be this is a problem with Squeeze.

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            Cliff Gordon Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. I have the same issue even if I export it directly

            form CS3...Somehow it seems to be losing it's PAR info...



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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              I have the same issue even if I export it directly form CS3...Somehow it seems to be losing it's PAR info...


              That contradicts what you posted originally. Please post more details.



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                Cliff Gordon Level 1

                Sorry, I should have been more clear.


                I've tried to export a compressed version (QuickTime h264 and wmv 768k

                stream) directly from CS3 and get similar results. I can force a 16:9 file

                but the video is pillar boxed, squashed and does not fill the frame...much

                like the 4:3 version I'm getting from Sorenson.




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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Correct playback of anamorphic files often needs to be manually adjusted in the playback software.  Quicktime and Windows Media Player do not easily handle this task.  Best to use the KMPlayer, VLC or even GOM player.  See if one of those helps.

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                    Cliff Gordon Level 1

                    Thank you Jim. I'll try out those players. Windows Media Player seems to

                    figure it out. It's Quicktime that is giving me fits...


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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      That's not surprising, and is just one of many reasons why I don't have any version of Quicktime installed on any of three computers.

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                        mmckee58 Level 1

                        I've decided to keep life simple, that the players should only deal with square pixels, so here's my method for doing 16:9.


                        In my case I capture HDV which has a 1.333 PAR, a rectagular pixel.


                        After I capture, I select the file, and go to File-Interpret Footage, and select square pixels.  Now my source footage looks all squeezed up in the preview window.  I edit as usual, but I add a Transform filter in the timeline, scale height = 100%, and can you guess the scale width value?  That's right 133.3%


                        Now I have a 16:9, square pixel output and I select a 16:9 output dimension, like 520 wide by 292 high.


                        Works like a champ, without having to use silly hd codecs or anamorphic mumbo jumbo.


                        I use it for Flash delivery and I use it for podcasting apps as well.


                        Hope that helps!


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                          Cliff Gordon Level 1



                          Thank you for your reply. That's the best solution I've gotten so far. I

                          just had another situation where your trick would have worked for me...I

                          recently opened a project using the default 16:9 DV settings. I imported

                          BetaSP through my BlackMagic video card. The footage was shot 16:9 SD.

                          Premiere recognized it and scaled the video to the proper 16:9 size.

                          Unfortunately the captured footage acquired weird "sparkles", some kind of

                          digital artifacts. I was on a tight deadline to finish the video, it was a

                          56 minute infomercial, so I ignored the problem until I was done with the

                          edit. I tried every setting I could imagine, recaptured, spit, swore...but

                          nothing removed the sparkles. Sooooo, I opened a new project using the

                          BlackMagic 8bit uncompressed settings like I should have in the first place.

                          I imported the DV project into the new one and recaptured all the footage.

                          Viola, no sparkles! The only problem was Premiere didn't rescale the footage

                          as it had in the DV project. It played pillar boxed 4:3 in this new 16:9

                          project. I kind of eyeballed it and scaled the width to 136% and the world

                          was a better place to live...Next time I'll use the 133.3% width and see how

                          it looks.


                          Sorry for the long story and thanks again for the solution!