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    flv h.264 delays loading until 3 keyframes received


      Is there a way to tune the Flash player so that it starts playing an FLV/H.264 (not F4V or MP4) video at the first keyframe?  One of my developers found that Flash player starts playing after it receives the 3rd keyframe.


      The problem with this is sometimes you want to generate keyframes very infrequently, and the Flash player will wait to start playing until the download has reached the 3rd keyframe.  So your viewers get dead air until that point.


      The workaround is to encode your videos with very frequent keyframes (like every second) and drop the bitrate down, but this is problematic for HD 1080p encoded videos where you basically want the exact opposite.


      Setting the bufferTime to 0 (or a small fraction of a second) doesn't help.


      Ideally the Flash player would start playing on the first keyframe.  Seems like this make already be a tunable.


      Thanks in advance ...