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    [CS3 JS] Making sub-/subsub topic (setting parent topic)

    René Mølsted

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to have my script add an index, that consists of nested topics:





      From what I can read in the Object Model there's a 'withProperties' parameter, but I just can't seem to get it working ...



      var myDocument = app. activeDocument;


      for (var j=0; j<myWord.length; j++){

      if ( j%3 == 0 ) {


      var myTopicL1 = myDocument.indexes[0].topics.add(myWord[j]);

      var myTopicL2 = myDocument.indexes[0].topics.add(myWord[j + 1].charAt(0));


      var myTopicL3 = myDocument.indexes[0].topics.add(myWord[j + 1]);