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    Cannot close Captivate 4 screen

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      It is simple, but important question.  I cannot close Captivate 4 screen.  Sometimes, I need to end the task using Task Manager to close it.  Please see attached picture.  Thanks.



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          commando dhruv Level 3



          A couple of things from top of my head which might resolve this problem :-

          1) Make sure the fololwing directory readable.

                   c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\adobe\Adobe Captivate

          2) Also make sure no other Captivate form is open in background. You can locate that by moving around CP window.



          I think you will have to come up with a scenario in which case this happens.

          Can't help you from just the screenshot you have sent. Keep track of the steps you are doing while working and report the same if you are able to reproduce this.

          This way we might be able to identify the problem and resolve it.