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    Fireworks CS4 Mac - Fireworks can not run A disk error occurred


      Dear All


      I am trying to deploy Dreamweaver, Flash & Fireworks from Creative Suite 4 Web Standard Edition,  using a single installer and Apple Remote Desktop.


      I used <setup.app path in quotes>/Contents/MacOS/Setup --record=1 to record the installation selection and then deployed via Apple Remote Desktop - installation went fine returning Code 0.


      Dreamweaver and Flash run fine as a non admin network user, but Fireworks returns the following error when run under non admin : "Fireworks can not run. A disk error occurred." It seems to work fine as an admin user


      I have tried chmod 777 on the whole of the Fireworks Application but still not working


      This does seem to be a permissions problem and I have looked through various preference files but cannot find anything regarding Fireworks.


      Any help would be appreciated as I need to roll the suite out to 300 networked Macs !!!



      Thanks in advance,