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    Search results don't show where the topic is in the help hierarchy

    feebeegeebee Level 1

      Hi there,

      I posted a question a couple of weeks ago but have just found out that I was actually being asked for something completely different...  Sigh! 

      So, here goes with the request for help on what our engineers really want.


      When they use the online help (webhelp) in the field, they often use the search to look up items, but once they bring up the relevant topic, they can't see where it fits into the hierarchy of the help.


      What has been suggested is an indicator in the help banner along the lines of what you see on some websites to show where you are, e.g. books>fiction>british>thrillers>new_releases (if that makes sense...)


      Any ideas on how to do this or a possible workaround?


      I tried messing about with the Synchronize TOC setting for webhelp and selecting Manual.

      If the search is used and then you switch to the TOC and manually synchronize the toc, most of the time it shows takes you to the correct place in the hierarchy for that topic. This is not much of a workaround and is quite flakey in Firefox, so I can't see it being acceptable...


      As ever, any help or suggestions gratefully accepted.