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    Watermarks not printing properly.


      Created a Watermark on PDF using office Vista computer with Acrobat 8.  After creating and inserting a text watermark, the on screen images of the pages show the watermark correctly and the watermarked pages print correctly.


      On that same office PC, using Reader 8, on screen image is also fine and pages print correctly.


      When viewing the Watermarked PDF on home office Vista computer using Reader 7, the on screen images show the watermarked pages correctly; however, when printing the pages the watermark word COPY prints with a rectangular, solid white box around it, which hides the document text behind it.  In other words, the resulting printout looks like there is a white card on top of the document text and then the transparent watermark on top of the card.


      I have one laser and two ink jet printers hooked to the home office computer with Reader 7 on it, and all of them print the pages incorrectly.


      Is this printing issue something tied to the a problem with Reader 7 (vs. Reader 8 or Acrobat 8), or is it something else?  Thanks in advance for any insight.