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    flv missing control panle



      I hope someone has the suloution to this because i'm pretty stuck!


      I've placed a movie into my flash website. the controle panel (play stop volume etc.) shows up and works perfectly fine on my local server but once i up load it to the net all those contoles vanish???




      to see what i mean click the above link select WEDDINGS and then select SAMPLES and then select SAMPLE 2 or SAMPLE 3.


      I've tried googleing this with no luck . I would really appericate any help





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          RossRitchey Level 4

          There is a second SWF that needs to be uploaded along with your project.


          It is typically named the same as the style controls you chose - so "Clear External All" is ClearExternalAll.swf - and sits right next to your flash file.  Upload it right next to the SWF and it should work fine.