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    error in exporting photoshop file


      We have several copies of After Effects being used in the office.  Both myself and another user have encountered a problem saving as photoshop layers.  It gets 87% or so into it and then gives the error; "error in exporting photoshop file" in the info window.  Any thoughts?

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          What's going on in the comp that you're trying to export?

          Lots of precomps (nested comps only go back 5 steps as layer groups)? Effects? Is it a complex 3D composition?

          Can you post some more info about your setup?

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            magiegabel Level 1

            My setup does have a couple of precomps, lights and a lot of solids set in 3d space.  My coworker's comp had none of these.  His was a simple 2d animation.  I systematicly went through the layers that I though might be problematic and deleted them.  I got mine to work by deleting a null layer that had several expression controls on it that linked to various solids.  I got my co-workers to work by putting the project on a third machine and it came out fine. I've never had a problem with this until CS4.  Are there know issues with certain filters, 3d layers, etc.? Anyhow, Thanks for responding so quickly, but I got it worked out.

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              TimeRemapper Level 4

              Right on. Glad you got it worked out.

              I could see how expressions might cause things to go wonky, but aside from that, I'm not sure.

              I really haven't used that feature in CS4 yet (although, I have used it many times in CS3).

              Is there version parity between Photoshop and AE (both CS4)?

              I'm not even sure if that matters. Maybe someone with a better idea of what's going on under the hood can chime in.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                I don't think expressions should have any influence on teh matter. They are just another way of formulating an animation stream value just like keyframes. Icould think of a few things:


                - The new pixel aspect ratio handling in CS4. Due to the conversion, something may happen to the source footages.

                - Layer styles. this may cause a "cyclic use" of the Photoshop engine. Some of that stuff has changed quite a bit for CS4 to accomodate Ps Live 3D and teh new adjustment layer model.

                - Hardware accelerated effects. CS4 passes through OpenGL acceleration through all comps. Using an effect that uses it and happens to think it doesn#t need to fall back into software only mode, may cause a hiccup.

                - MediaCore. Similar to the previous, it uses hardware acceleration and may show weird behaviors, varying solely based on differences in graphics cards.


                In particular for the last two points I would think it is what makes the difference between your systems. One of them has not enough juice on OpenGL, so it's "safe". I'd definitely investigate along those lines.