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    How can I pass variables between domains?

      So I have an SWF8 file as a player on one domain (unsecure).  It loads and plays an SWF8 from another (secure) domain.  So far so good.  Trouble is, I need the player to send variables to the files it's playing so that links in that SWF will, well, link.  I also need the player to receive some movie control commands in return.  There must be a rule or two I'm violating, because while the file plays, anything that depends on a variable is just dead.


      A note:  Both files started out as SWF6.  I understand I can only do what I'm trying to with SWF8, so I went through the code and fixed the case sensitive issues and did the conversion.


      Can I do this?  If so, how?  Is scripting for variables from another domain different somehow?


      Thanks in advance.