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    Proper comp settings for 960x720 HD



      in our office, we usually (95% of the time) work in Final Cut with a sequence setting of HD (960x720) (16:9) and a pixel aspect ratio of HD (960x720). The footage we're editing was shot on P2 at 720p60 or 720p24.

      when i import footage into AE and create a new comp with it, the comp size is set at 960x720, but it appears 4:3 (and therefore squished horizontally) instead of 16:9. I realize that 960x720 is a 4:3 ratio, and that the pixel aspect ratio is what makes it appear 16:9, but i cannot find a suitable aspect ratio setting inside of AE. If the aspect ratio of my AE comp is set to DVCPRO HD 720 (1.33) it appears to look ok in the Project preview tab, but it still appears 4:3 in the Composition window. Once i render out the comp and bring it back into FCP it appears fine once more, but working with the squished footage in AE gets confusing, and has caused me a few problems, especially when designing gfx to go with the video. A prime exapmle is a graphic i'm working on that has a bicycle image in it. You can easily tell if it is not the right size, as the wheels will no longer be round. If i resize it in my AE comp window to look correctly, when it gets exported, it will be horizontally stretched in Final Cut. In order for it to look correct in FCP, the image in AE has to be squished horizontally - at this point, it just becomes a guessing game.

      How can i work with my composition and view it in the correct aspect ratio in AE, so that what i work on exports to exactly what i need it to look like in FCP without simpy guessing? Also, i know i can rezise the video in FCP to make it appear correct, but this doesn't work when i have things that interact with the edge of the screen (camera movements, Trapcode Shine effect).

      any thoughts or info is appreciated. thanks