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    Store the rendered result




      I'm wondering if there is a way to take the reuslting image, after the shader is done with it, and store it as a bitmap.


      ave a application where I have a bunch if images(bitmaps) that I put on the scene on top of each other. Then I apply my shader on them as a blendShader. The final result is a nice blend of all the pictures. This works fine if I use 10-20 pictures. But what if I would like to blend 200 pictures, then It will be very heavy to preocess. The best would be if I could, after placed let's say 10 pictures on the stage, the store the result in a bitmap. So when I wan't to blend picture 21-40 i just place the bitmap I "created" first that cointains alll previous blends.


      I guess that the shader don't alter the bitmapdata , it only affect the drawing?


      So i'm basicly wondering if it's possible.