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    Automatic video cropping

      I am working on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.4.11. I have uploaded video from a JVC GZ-HD7U with extensions MOI and TOD. To get Premiere Pro CS4 to recognize the video footage I have changed the extension of the TOD files to M2TS. Once the video is imported into Premiere Pro CS4 the video clip has information that says footage is 1920x1080 (1.0) and 29.97 fps. When clip is dragged to the source window the footage looks fine and normal and can be played. However, when clip is then dragged to the Timeline the program view crops an outer frame of the video (this is regardless of the setting "fit," "10%," or "100%"). This cropping is also maintained when the final product is exported as MPEG4 (or any format). Any thoughts on how to avoid this automatic cropping?