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    Still unclear about merging in WebHelp (runtime)


      This is my first venture into the world of RoboHelp and I have the following query:


      We have an application which is made up from a framework and one or more plug-in modules (which can be supplied at a later date).


      The framework help is installed on the customers PC by default and the plug-in help is installed when they buy/install a plug-in.


      Is there a way to present all the installed help under the framework help without including dead links to missing plug-ins?


      Customer A has framework and plug-in X so sees these in the TOC, etc.


      Customer B buys plug-in Y and next time the help is opened sees plug-in X and Y in the TOC etc.


      I know this can be achieved with CHM help but we are looking at using WebHelp.


      I've seen the references to the 'Grainge method' but I believe this to be a build-time merge solution rather than a run-time one.


      Any help would be most appreciated.