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    Use the same source clip, or copy the source?


      The method I've been using for editing my videos seems to be working well, but I'm wondering if I'm I should modify according to better practices?  Here's my typical method:


      1. Record 10 minutes of video with my DV camera, with "dead" time between segments.  (This is for a newscast-style video.)
      2. Capture the entire 10 minutes as a single source clip, name it "Raw_Footage".
      3. In my Edit view, make a copy of Raw_Footage, rename it "Seg_01".
      4. Bring up Seg_01 in the Clip Monitor, and set In and Out points for a small segment.
      5. Drag Seg_01 from the source list to my timeline.
      6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each segment I want to place in my timeline.


      When I do this, am I actually making physical file copies of the original source clip?  Or is the new source a pointer to the same file, with different In and Out points assigned?


      If it's the former, I suspect I should change my style here, if the latter, I'm pretty comfortable with it, but open to suggestions.