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    Pre-filling form on fragment basis

    AmbikaM Level 1



      I made a process for pre-filling a form. The steps included: getting data from database in an XML, applying XSLT and rendering a PDF form.

      XSLT is used to avoid the dependence of the process on a form.

      Now, the scenario is changed, the data to be pre-filled i.e. the XML will be generated from a webservice on fragments basis which implies if a form has 20 fragments, 20 XML's will be generated. (Hope, I made myself clear!!!!!!)


      I thought of using XSL again for making one XML for pre-filling data. But XSLT takes one XML as an input.


      Can anyone suggest me, should I make one XSL for the form or should I make XSL's as per fragments. Next, how could I merge all these XMLs to generate one XML for pre-filling.?


      Please, also suggest me, if there is any other workaround for this scenario?



      Thanks and Regards,

      Ambika Mittal