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    Hiding navigation panes (side bar) using metadata or reader setting?

      Hi all,


      as the title already mentioned,


      I'm trying to get a pdf file generated using JasperReport displayed in the reader (within web browser) without the side bar/Nav. pane.

      At first I thought that should be done from the reader configuraton/setting, but then I found out that that's not completely correct.


      I can indeed hide the sidebar by using the parameter navpanes=0 as part of the URL. But this works only for version 6.* upwards(?).

      Now, I have in my hand 2 pdf files which I opened using the same reader (ver. 8). And one file is being shown with and the other without the sidebar.

      Can anyone please help me with any hints/idea?


      ps: I attached screenshots from both of the files. The one with sidebar has also darker grey background (which I think is normal) and the other one without has a lighter gray background


      Thanks in advance