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    quicktime player in flash?



      in my flash file, i would like to be able to advance the video player movie frame by frame. I understand this is very difficult to do with the flv player, however, quicktime has this feature. Is there a quicktime media player component that can be embeded into a flash page to do this?


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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Short answer: No


          Longer answer:  Quicktime is a competing technology for video viewing.  You can currently play quicktime files in flash, but you cannot plug a quick-time player into Flash.


          This type of thing is fairly difficult to do in Flash, as the Video Player parts of flash are driven by keyframes.  Typically you can only scrub through at keyframes, and, the more keyframes you add, the larger the file.


          A suggestion.  Perhaps you could embed the video in the timeline and create a SWF, and write some playback controls for a SWF.  SWF's you can control at the frame level, which would give you the scrubbing abilities you are looking for, though it takes a little bit more setup on the backend for it to work.