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    I'm having trouble with Captivate CS4 the audio won't record (using Vista)


      Please help!!!...I've tried the patches outlined in prior question/answers regarding audio recording problems by replacing the nsaudio.dll files as suggested at http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2009/03/audio_play_back_and_usb_mic_is.html

      and used the SubInAcl Windows Registry Tool outlined at http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2009/03/adobe_captivate_4_installation.html

      The issue seems to be resolved at first but inexplicably the audio recording stop working again.  


      I also noticed that I'm getting error messages regarding the following Captivate files.  NSAudio.dll , Ppsuplo.dll, avi2swf.dll, FullMotionrecorder.dll and WaveEditCtrl.ocx files


      What can I do to resolve the recording problems that seem to plague Captivate CS4.   Does Adobe offer any updates to their software to resolve well documented bugs.


      Thanks in advance for any help!