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    Missing pages when printing in Adobe Reader 9?

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      I'm trying to print a chapter in a PDF document using the Bookmarks Navigational Panel but whenever I print the chapter (i.e. right-click on the chapter and select Print Pages), some pages are skipped and not printed.


      I have tried to re-install Adobe Reader 9, print different chapters in the PDF document, print chapters in other PDF documents, and use different machines-- but I always get the same problem.  It seems that the only workaround is to use the File menu and print specific page numbers.


      Is there a setting or a patch that I can apply to resolve this problem?  I would really like to print chapters from the bookmarks navigational panel and not have to look up the page numbers!

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          This sounds as there might be a bug in the Abdobe Reader or in combination with your printerdriver.

          You could take an image-backup of your installation and then perform some tests to try to "trouble-shoot" the problem.

          Example given :

          1: Try downgrading your Adobe Reader 9.x to 8.x to see if that makes any difference


          2: Try to see if you can get another driver (type or version) for your printer that might work....


          However none of this is warrented to help at all (especially not if there is a bug in Adobe Reader) - it is just suggestions for a "trouble-shooting" session....


          Fiat Lux ! 

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            Thank you very much for your reply, Fiat!


            It does look like a bug of some sort.  I've never had a problem like this with earlier versions of Adobe Reader; this seems to be exclusive new feature of version 9.x. :-)


            I'm not sure if the problem is related to the printer drivers though.  I've tried printing PDF documents on two network printers and, unfortunately, I get the exact same result from each one (one is a Dell and the other is an HP).  I also just noticed that Windows XP sends the incorrect number of pages to the print spooler.


            I did a quick search online before I posted my question; while I notice that other people have printing problems with AR9, they do not necessarily have the same problem as me.  Is it just me, or has anyone else experienced this problem?

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              Fiat_Lux Level 1

              Thanks ! - and you are most "welcome" "lera1981" ! .........


              With respect to the printing problem with Reader 9.x and your report of your experiments with Reader 9.x and with network-printing then I tend to agree  with your assessment that it would seem as the problem is probably with Reader 9.x's printing capeability .

              Just for the record I would like to report that my experience with network-connected office-class HP printer has been that some printing problems I've seen in the past with Adobe Reader X.xx has been rectified though the change of driver-type and/or driver-generation such as a switch from e.g. a "PCL 6" driver to a "PCL 5" driver .   Last time I experienced a printing problem with a network-connected office-class HP printer I then had to change the driver to their "HP Universal Print Driver".

              While I would say that you are probably right that a change of printer-driver would not make a difference in your case then the point of my writing is that Adobe Reader X.xx or (it's interaction with) Windows seems to be "printer-driver tech-sensitive" understood as that Reader printing tends to respond differently to different "driver tech" !


              Kind Regards


              Fiat Lux !