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    Print Presets


      Add a preset option to the print dialogue box like in Illustrator and Indesign.  Phoshop is the only one that has no preset option when printing.  We print a lot of the same thing over and over and a preset that allows you to save page and printing marks settings would be nice.

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          I second this request .... BIG TIME. I work at a large Art University and am in charge of Print Production, Maintenance, Color Management etc ... basically all aspects related to printing from mostly Adobe programs in our Computer Labs ... I have created Print Presets in every program except Photoshop and it is so frustrating that this is not an option in Photoshop. Please add it. It would be invaluably helpful to me and I am sure to a great deal of other users as well, especially in educational settings and/or Computer Lab type environments.


          Also, if anyone has a work-around for this ... please let us know. I am posting to ask about this in the general Photoshop forum as well, and if I get an answer, I'll repost it here.






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            Zeno Bokor Level 6

            a workaround would be to make an action, go to File->Print, set up the dialog how you want it and then click Done and stop recording the action. When you want to recall that "preset", just run the action that you just created. If you click on the Modal Control box (see link) of the print step then the action will also open the Print dialog box with the settings saved in the action already loaded and you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to actions to speed things up even more