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    How to get WebHelp into SharePoint

      Hi All,


      I have a WebHelp project and need to publish it to SharePoint. Could someone point me at the directions for this, please? I can't seem to find them on adobe.com, or the forums. I don't think I have the source files, but am unsure.


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          Ben Minson Level 2

          Welcome to the community.


          If you have rights to upload files to the SharePoint server, you could try the Publish mechanism in the WebHelp SSL dialog.  On the last page of the dialog, specify a publish destination with the path to the location on the SharePoint server where you want the files to go.  Then when you're done generating, click Publish.


          It's possible to view some directories on your SharePoint server in Windows Explorer and then just copy and paste the WebHelp output files to the location you want.  You would probably have to look at documentation for SharePoint for info about seeing SharePoint directories in Windows Explorer.  Our organization has SharePoint on a secure server, so I had to do something specific that I don't remember to see a certain directory in Windows Explorer.


          Hope this helps,




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            donalmc Level 1

            Quick question - What do you mean when you say 'get the WebHelp into SharePoint'?


            Tell us a bit more about what you are trying to achive.

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              Greig at Lands Level 1

              I have tried this. I published locally and then, using a Windows Explorer view of a library in SharePoint, dragged the published folder over. However, I then had to redo it as I didn't want all files on view, only the html file that users need to click to activate the RoboHelp stuff. To do this I set all files to automatically be set to hidden (a column view I had set up) and then changed the column view to see the appropriate RoboHelp file. This seemed to work okay but I have only tried this once.



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                MergeThis Level 4

                There seems to be a mixup in the understanding of file structures and the purpose of source control products (which SharePoint seems to be, from my read of the MS web site).


                RoboHelp project source files can be stored in:

                     --> source control product


                RoboHelp-generated WebHelp output files get generated to:

                     --> separate folder on writer's local machine


                Generated WebHelp output files get published from writer's local machine to:

                     --> one or more servers


                Under no circumstances are any files to be "hidden."


                • To work on the project, a writer needs all project files.
                • To view WebHelp on a server, an end-user needs all WebHelp files.



                Good luck,


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                  Greig at Lands Level 1

                  Mixups and mixups. I think the point of my message has been missed.


                  My suggestion of "hidden" was so that there would only be a view that allowed the user to click on the only html file that would launch the published WebHelp. And I was only talking about published WebHelp. I could have used the term "Fred" instead of "hidden" as it was only a status of a column that would be set by the user. The idea was that a view of the library containing all of the WebHelp files would only show the one file that was needed to launch the published WebHelp. I was certainly not suggesting that all other published files be hidden away where they wouldn;t be able to be accessed.


                  The end user certainly needs all WebHelp files to view the published WebHelp but they don't need to see all files to launch the published WebHelp. When I first put some published WebHelp into SharePoint users could see all of the files in the library and this just confused them. To get over this I set up a column with a couple of values, to allow the launch file to be viewed and easily accessed but  the other files to be "hidden", but they were still there.


                  Having said all that I am no SharePoint expert and have only played with libraries and their associated Web Parts, which can be manipulated to show different views on a page. I would welcome any ideas, suggestions, tips along the lines of using SharePoint as Leon has outlined in the previous post. That is, SharePoint use as:


                    1. source control
                    2. repository of published WebHelp




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                    Ben Minson Level 2



                    My response earlier has to do with "b"—SharePoint as the repository for the files.  It sounds like you have done things correctly for that aspect.  As long as users can launch the help successfully and access everything is the main point.  If you run into any problems with users being able to access the help, post back.  Using SharePoint as source control is probably getting into a separate arena, and it's one that affects your workflow and probably doesn't (shouldn't) affect your users.



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                      I've a similar situation - need to display the Webhelp in our SharePoint site.


                      The WebHelp topics are authored in DITA and then used a publication manager provided by the CMS vendor to get the desired output.

                      The output comes in the form of a zip file, which contains the images, couple of .css files, the html topics and the index (html) file.


                      I put the content onto our SharePoint site. However, the output is not using a frame set and coming out without the navigation pane.

                      The publish mechanism talked in the WebHelp SSL dialog will be of no use to me as I have not used RoboHelp (or any other HAT) to generate the help


                      Navigation frame is a must, else the user will get lost in information. Could someone help me in fixing this?



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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



                        I'm confused. You say your help has not been produced from RoboHelp or any other HAT but you are asking on a RoboHelp forum how to make the help work.


                        See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                          SubhajyotiBanerjee Level 1

                          Hi Peter,




                          Yes, apologies. Actually, a search on WebHelp SharePoint integration landed me on this forum discussion. Little did I realize that the discussion on WebHelp was meant for RH support.


                          However, did some work on Frameset and started getting the desired output.