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    lower third super "bug"?


      Don't know if there's a solution or if it's "just one of those things"...


      But I started a project in PPro CS2, with lower third graphics created in AE with an alpha channel so they're self-keying. I had them fade in at the same time a directional blur effect was fading out.


      I recently updated to PPro CS4. When I opened this project in CS4, the lower third fades in okay, but at the point the blur reaches 0, the entire graphic jumps down a few lines.


      I tried using a different type of blur, but it still jumps.


      I tried reinserting the lower third and adding the fade in and blur fresh - but it still happens. To make sure it wasn't just the monitoring, I exported the section and the jump is definitely there.


      It works okay without the blur, so I may have to settle for that.


      Any suggestions? I just thought - I'll try reimporting the graphic, and also double check the alpha channels settings are correct...