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    cfpdfform inside cfdocument outbound as a pdf variable

    MercuryNewt Level 1

      OK, here's the scenario: I have a client who needs to populate a PDF form (1098) using data from a database.  Right now they have code that simply uses cfpdfform to output the finished "populated" PDF.  Now, here's the problem, we would like to abstract this and create a pdf variable, outbound from a function call, that we can then cfcontent to the screen as a PDF.  The docs indicate that you can create a pdf variable from a cfpdfform using cfdocument, however implementing it has been proven to be problematic.  Is it just not possible to create a pdf variable from a cfpdfform embedded in a cfdocument?  Creating a pdf file works fine, but we don't really need the physical file on the server, just the generated pdf output to the screen.  Any suggestions?