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    Capture problem


      I just purchased ADS Pyro AV Link with Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 last week.  I was able to capture VHS tapes played in VCR through Pyro Link into Premiere Elements until two days ago and now it won't work.  When I open PE and chose video capture the screen comes up, but when I press play on the VCR and then press "get video" the screen stays black and there is no preview. It does say it is capturing video but when I hit "stop" it says "recorder captured no frames."  Any help is appreciated!!

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          Dennis Robsion

          I have an ADS Pyro AV Link that I bought a couple of years ago. I have used it with Premiere Elements 1.0/2.0/3.0 to capture about 250 hours of Digital8 and Hi-8 video via firewire. I haven't done any conversions in the last couple of months, but today I learned that the setup doesn't work anymore. When I connect the camera I get the normal Windows "ding-****", but PrEl's capture window doesn't have the record video button enabled. The play button can be clicked, but no video shows and the counters do not move (but the camera itself starts playing the tape).


          I'm still trouble shooting. I know that the camera is okay and that I can capture video using Microsoft Movie Maker. I can also use the camera with a Digital Video Recorder via firewire, so I think the problem is with Premiere Elements. I recently installed Adobe Acrobat Exchange 9, so it's possible there is a conflict. I also recently deinstalled Premiere Elements 2.0, which didn't go too well. I needed to deinstall to gain disk space, but the deinstall failed due to lack of disk space -- go figure. I finally got it to deinstall by manually deleting the templates and tutorials first. I suppose it's also possible that a recent WIndows update is the culprit, but I haven't investigated this path.


          As an aside, I was unable to get a good transfer of VHS via the ADS Pyro. The video came in, as did the audio, but they were not synchronized. I was converting old home video so I figured the tape was getting bad, but the transfer still failed very quickly (within 3 minutes) even with a commercial tape. I would have liked to have tried pass-through so I could have continued to use firewire, but my camcorder didn't have it. Eventually I gave up on the ADS Pyro and bought a Toshiba D-VR660 that hasVHS and DVD recording/dubbing capabilities. It worked great (except for the early on failure that required a warranty repair). I had a few VHS tapes that the Toshiba wouldn't read, but I connected another VHS player to the Toshiba and did the transfer that way. I then used Premiere Elements to convert the video files to AVI so all my video could be kept in that format. I converted about 100 hours using the Toshiba, which now serves as a family DVR because I got the version with a tuner.


          I'll post more if I solve my problem.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I would suggest that you also post to Muvipix, if you have not done so already. There are many Pyro users on that forum, who do not participate here. You are very likely to get more direct help there, though still follow this thread too.


            Wish that I could be of direct help,



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