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    Is there a way to resize the still images in a movie?

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      I've spent 20+ hours working on a movie only to find that it won't render because the still images are too big - or at least so I gather. Is there a way to resize the images in my movie without starting over?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          [Sorry that it took so long to reply. The Adobe server ate my first post, so this is a redo. Hope that I didn't miss any points from the first one.]


          Yes. Here are the steps to perform, and pretty much in this order:


          1.) Open your Project in PE and do a Save_As_a_Copy to another separate folder. This will copy all of your Assets in their folder structure to the new location. Check that everything is in the new folder with complete folder structure. Close PE.


          2.) Go to the new folder and its copy of the folder structure. Move the large image files to another folder, leaving the empty Assets folder, as you will use it in a minute.


          3.) Open Photoshop (I do not have PSElements, so you will have to interpolate these next steps for it, or for whatever image editor that you have), and create and record an Action to re-size and Save the files to the proper size. If you are in an NTSC 4:3 720x480 PAR 0.9 Project and do not need to zoom out and pan, choose 720x480. If you do need to zoom out and pan, choose 1000x750. Go to File>Automate>Batch Process and choose this Action. Check that your Source Folder is where you moved the image files to. Check that your Destination Folder is the now empty folder, where you moved the files from. Keep the same file names. Run the Action. Close PS.


          4.) Open your Save_As_a_Copy Project and PE should see your new Assets (remember, same name) and follow its link to them.


          5.) Edit, as is necessary, or just Render.


          This will preserve your original Project and it’s folder structure and Assets. It will be working only with the copied Project (renamed) and with the re-sized Assets.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Unless I'm misunderstanding your process, Hunt, I'm not sure it's quite right. Doing a Save a Copy doesn't make a copy of your assets to a new folder. It just saves a copy of your project file.


            Here's what I'd recommend:


            1) Close Premiere Elements. Using Windows Explorer, go to the folder where your photos are stored and create a sub-folder called NATIVES or something. Move all your photos into there.


            2) Open Photoshop Elements and, under the File menu, select Process Multiple Files. Select the NATIVES folder as your source folder and set the folder where your slideshow photos were originally stored as your destination. Set the batch processor to resize your photos to 1000 pixels wide and constrained proportions, then run the processor.


            3) Open your Premiere Elements slideshow project. The program will see the new, resized photos and, because they're in the same place the old photos were, it will automatically load them into the project and update your slides.


            Now, whether or not this works seamlessly depends on how your have your slideshow set up (particularly your scaling and if you have Default to Frame Size set). So you may need to do some tweaking afterward.

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              Thank you for that clarification. In PrPro, I get the full folder structure . just like with Encore (but not the Media Assets).


              Then I'd just copy over the folder structure, and work from that.




              [Edit] Either way, I would work with a copy of the original Project, so that if something goes haywire, the OP will have that original.


              [Edit 2] Steve,


              Do not know what I was thinking! Probably was just NOT thinking. It wasn't THAT long ago that I did an article on Save, Save_As and Save_As_a_Copy - Duh! Encore does Save the structure of most Assets, like Menus, etc., but not Media Assets. One would need to use Project Manager in PrPro, or Archiver in PE to do what I thought I was describing. Or, just manually copy everything over intact. I am even more grateful now, that you corrected me on this one. I was never the greatest multi-tasker to begin with and with age, I am getting worse. Trying to write between trips cost me on this one. Mea culpa, and gracias! Maybe I can blame it on the new fora - yeah, that's it, it was because of the new fora...

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                Steve, your answer is helpful, but I've discovered that things are not so simple because the clips in my move, both still images and movies, come from many different folders. Some clips come from files in places like My Pictures/folder named by date/*.jpg and were added to the move from the PRE7 organizer. Others come from places like My Videos/folder named by date/*.jpg. I think this happened because I did a "Get Media"  - from PC Files/Folders from the PRE7 organizer in order to obtain some clips from a thumb drive that were contributed by another photographer. They were added to the PRE7 organizer temporarily, but not the PSE7 organizer. I just wanted them for the movie and not in my PSE7 organizer. I'm guessing that the Get Media function in the PRE7 Organizer puts the files in the My Videos folder (even if they're still image files).So, that's one problem.


                But, some of the images in the movie were taken from my PSE7 organizer. If I move the origninal files to a NATIVES folder, as you suggest, I believe they will become lost to the PSE7 organizer. I think my only choice is to edit those pictures that are already in my PSE7 organizer, creating multiple versions of those images and then putting the edited (smaller) version into a folder for use in the movie. But this will require redoing the movie unless there is a way to re-point clips in the movie sceneline or timeline to the new edited version of the image. Do you know of any such way to re-point the clips in my movie in PRE7.


                Does this all make sense? Am I missing something?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Let’s see if I can get it correct this time. PE links to the last location of the files that were Imported. If one were to move (on a temporary basis) the files, then PE will ask where they are, when you Open the Project. At that point, the user can instruct PE where the files are now. If they are all in the same folder, PE can usually find them all and re-establish those links. One might have to keep pointing PE to the new folder, if it had links to many different folders to begin with, but the process is either automatic, or slightly "semi-automatic."


                  If you do the batch resizeing of your still images, and locate the new files (with the same filename as the originals) in a new folder, PE will link to these, when you point it there.


                  Again, I’d work from a copy of the Project, and not your original Project. I would leave all non still Assets alone and leave their folder structure alone. On a temporary basis, I’d rename the folder(s), that contain only the still images. Make note of their hierarchy and the new name that you give them, maybe just adding the characters "OLD," to the folder names.


                  Do your resizing and instruct PSE to Save these files (same filename) into your new folder for all still Assets.


                  Open PE and load your Saved Project. PE will now not be able to locate your still Assets, as you have changed the folder name(s). When it asks "where is XXXX.PSD?" just navigate to your new folder, containing your resized images. PE will then locate and link to all the images in that folder. Again, depending on the original folder structure, you may have to answer that question a few more times, but PE will be linking to the newly resized images as it goes. By using the original file names, PE will now be linked to what it "thinks" are the original images. Note: I’d keep the same file extension, as used originally also.


                  Do a Save_As, once linked, so that you have a new Project to work with, and still have the original on your system, in case of any problem.

                  Once done, go back and remove the "OLD," or whatever from those folders, so the Organizer will be fine and also your original Project could locate things, should you ever need to revert to it. I would also use the PSE Organizer to copy over all of the still image files to a common working sub-folder, and resize from there to the new resized images sub-folder. Yes, it means that you will have copies in the working folder, but it can be deleted, along with its contents, when you’re done, and the location of the originals will not be changed (once you remove your "OLD" from the respective folder(s).

                  For a workflow, I always gather all Assets into folder structure that is unique to the Project, i.e. Project_X root folder with "Stills," "Video," "Menus," "Audio," "SFX," etc. I then copy my Assets to the appropriate sub-folders, and keep these copies with my Project. This way, I always have all of my originals in their original folders and location, and only work from the copies. All originals are safely tucked away, for use in other Projects.


                  In the case of re-sizing images, I’d just change the name of my "Stills" sub-folder to "Original Stills" and resize to a new "Stills" sub-folder. That would keep PE happy and I’d only have to point it to the first file, if it even asked - would probably just follow its own links and never question me.


                  Good luck, and sorry for suffering a major brain-cramp on my first reply.