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    PE4 Crash ~ ippmpegdecoder is the Culprit...

    Kodebuster Level 3

      Any mpeg2 imported and dragged to the timeline will crash PE4 in a heartbeat (on my system).


      Halt/Crash details indicate that "ippmpegdecoder.dll" is the culprit.


      (This is not a showstopper as I get around it with a convert to DV-AVI).


      Used google, and forum search for any details, but not too much surfaced.


      One post indicated it was a Soundbooth Plugin.


      I'm suspecting a bad/broke/corrupt codec, but just guessing at this point in time.


      Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed...



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If the MainConcept CODEC is broken, a Repair Install should reinstall that element and then you should be good to go. I will say that MPEG is tougher to edit, than DV-AVI Type II files. Personally, I always convert via a 3rd party program. Since I edit SD material only, I do not have to worry about MP4 and AVCHD files.


          As most MPEG material is not really designed to be edited (it is a delivery format), as it is a compressed GOP format with I-frames and P-frames (difference frames) it needs to be converted either internally (PE), or externally.


          Good luck,