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    Behavior of silent installer not completely specified

    Paul J. Lucas

      On page 3 of the "Adobe AIR 1.5 Runtime Redistribution Instructions" under "Silent installation" states in part:


      The AIR application installer installs the correct version of Adobe AIR on the target computer, as required by the AIR application to be installed. For example, if the AIR application to be installed requires the AIR 1.1 runtime, and the end user’s computer has only AIR 1.0 installed (or no version of AIR installed), the installation process installs the AIR 1.1 runtime along with the AIR application.


      and then:


      To install or update the runtime only, use the -silent option without specifying a path or any other options.


      However, the instruction do not specify what happens in the following case:


      + The -silent option is used to update the runtime only.
      + The user already has a newer version of AIR on his/her computer than what is about to be installed.


      What happens in this case?  Does the installer:


      A) Do nothing and exit successfully?
      B) Downgrade the user's installed AIR version?
      C) Exit with an error code, message, or dialog?
      D) Something else??