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    Some .avi videos speed up when put into Premiere CS4

      I captured some Halo 3 gameplay on my Blackmagic Intensity today. When I put a video into my timeline it speeds itself up to finish the video within one second no matter how long it is. Then it holds the final frame while the audio catches up to it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem still happens. I am using the AVCHD --> 1080i --> AVCHD1080i30 (60i) sequence preset. I do know that the .avi file itself is fine because I played it on my capturing computer in Windows Media Player and in Adobe Premiere CS4 and there is no problem. I am stumped on this one and would appreciate any help. Here is the video on youtube of what happens:



      P.S. There are no effects applied to that clip. It is simply imported into Adobe Premiere CS4 and then dragged into the timeline.