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    AVI thumbnails are blacked out

      Help...I've been unable to find ANY support on ADOBE website for this.  We have lots of video clips from our FLIP camera that are in avi format.  When adding to Premier elements 7, the clips are blacked out.  I can hear the sound, but all is black.  Clips that have been edited and published in windows movie maker work fine.  I shouldn't have to edit the clips before adding to Premier elements, right?  That seems redundant. Is there a simple fix?  Is AVI not supported by Adobe?  I'm a newbie but am so frustrated at this point that I'm ready to go back to windows movie maker   Please help!


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          There are many types of AVI... AVI is a container and the video is compressed by a specific codec type. Premiere Elements works best with DV-AVI files. There are known issues when working with Flip video in Premiere Elements, specifically in Elements accessing the codec in order to be able to work with the video. A workaround is to export your video from Movie Maker as DV-AVI (not WMV as you will lose quality) and importing into Premiere Elements. You can also try this method, which avoids the need for conversion (used to be in the FAQ questions but seems to have diappeared in the new forum): http://www.jakeludington.com/movie_maker/20070925_edit_flip_camcorder_videos_in_windows_mo vie_maker.html


          Even if you have to convert the video first in Movie Maker I thing you will benefit from working in Premiere Elements. It is a much more indepth editor than Movie Maker... with many more features and export formats. You really enables you to use your creativity...

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            Paul...it worked!  Thank you for the fix.  I went through Movie Maker, & published the video clips into a folder, then picked up the clips from Adobe & all is well.  Thanks for making my day.