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    Preloader not functioning


      Hi all,


      Preloader % is not functioning on my projects. I set it up at 5%, or 15% or any percentage, and it still loads the whole publish prior to playing, which is a drag since those are 20mb publishes.


      Any hints here?


      CP 4 is is question.


      Thank you!!





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          GSkrinjar Level 1

          Has anybody got CP 4 to publish with a preloader percentage?


          Seems that whatever I do, it always loads 100% of the swf before playing.


          I tried removing the preload image with no luck. Is there something in the slides/project itself that should be changed? This is a simple ppt conversion with voice over audio.

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            GSkrinjar Level 1

            Ok, now using the Bandwidth Analyzer I got to the info that no matter the audio over the slides is imported on each separate slide, analyzer implicates that all audio, form all slides should be connected to slide 1 of the publish. Is that normal, expected bahaviour?

            That would explain why it takes 100% to load the swf since it is all located in in the audio files.

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              www.cpguru.com Level 4

              I see no way that setting the Preloader % in project preferences would accomplish anything. If you look in the FLA's for the preloaders supplied with Captivate there is no integration or sharing of data between the preloader and Captivate. Therefore setting the percentage to 10% or 100% would in my world be the same, since it's not actually being shared with the preloader. All the Captivate supplied preloaders are hard-coded to load 100% before starting the project.


              I could be wrong but I think that Adobe might have forgotten to actually implement this feature in Captivate 4 and the preloaders




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                I too have not been able to get the Preloader % setting to do anything.


                A further annoyance is the disappearance of the onscreen % indicator that you used to get with the Green Circle preloader. Now all you get is the circle twirling away without any indication of the amount that has loaded. Has anyone else experienced this?



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                  I asked the same question back in March and got no replies.  Search for "

                  audio optimization when publishing


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                    RoboWizard Level 4

                    Hi there


                    As I understand it the preloader function doesn't work in Captivate 4 and only a patch may address the issue.


                    Anyone encountering the issue would be advised to please report this to Adobe as a bug. The more reports Adobe receives, the more likely it becomes to see it addressed.


                    Click here to visit the Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form


                    Cheers... Rick



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                      GSkrinjar Level 1

                      Not only that the preloader function does not work at all, but the preloader percentage actually refers to the preloader image, so e.g. you have a 10mb recording, and you set a preloader image to be visible, and set preloader at 20%. Guess what, preloader image will dissappear after 2mb have loaded, and the screen will remain blank while loading the other 8mb. Nice.


                      This "bug" has costed me days in trying to get around, and I did not get around it.


                      I payed for a full functioning product, and Adobe charges for tech. support. Really nice. I have deadlines to adhere to, and Adobe would like for me to fill out a form.


                      Robowizard  - thank you for your suggestion and time, but frustration is coming out, and of course, a forum is the "right" place to vent. Adobe should really live up to their market leader reputation.

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                        RoboWizard Level 4

                        Hi there


                        I'm confused. Was there something in my post that implied you had no right to vent about a frustrating issue?


                        Cheers... Rick



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                          GSkrinjar Level 1

                          Not at all.


                          I went the constructive path and filed a bug report.





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                            jlevy@auctionpay Level 1

                            I thought I had a tricky kluge, mind you, not a fix, just a work around until Adobe got their act together.  Nope.  My idea was to take the first couple of slides out and make them their own SWF.  The use it as the preloader "image" for the second larger one. There were a couple of issues with that:


                            1) You won't get a preloader for the preloader (i.e., no progress bar for the first part).

                            2) If you have a skin for the first part, it appears out of place and is not functional.

                            3) If your timing isn't exact, you will either a gap when the first part (the preloader) finishes and the second part finishes loading OR if there is an overlap, you get double audio while the preloader finishes and the main part starts.


                            Oh well.  FIX IT ADOBE!


                            Oh, and I did file a bug report.  Called it a deal killer.

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                              jlevy@auctionpay Level 1

                              Are you kidding me?  Here is the response I got from the bug submission (was I not clear?):




                              Hi Joel

                              Not sure I understand how you are impacted by this. Can you explain your scenario in detail? Thanks


                              Captivate team

                              -----Original Message-----

                              From: XXXXXXXXXXXXX




                              Feedback Report : Preloader % does not work. Project is a Powerpoint slide show with an individual audio file attached to each slide. When publishing, it loads the entire audio with the first slide. This is also evident in the bandwidth analyzer. This is a deal killer.




                              Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 3:42 AM


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                                GSkrinjar Level 1

                                I just sent them a link this forum topic as a bug report.


                                Thre is really no point in duplicating effort here and on the report also.


                                If we are lucky enough this topic will be high on the google search for captivate, maybe then they will react, when their sales drop.

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                                  JPCaptivate Level 1



                                  Do you have Quiz pools in your project? When a quiz pool is present then preloader percentage does not work and always downloads 100%.

                                  Can you share your project? My email id is jpandeya@adobe.com

                                  You can share using http://share.acrobat.com




                                  Adobe Captivate Team


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                                    GSkrinjar Level 1



                                    No quiz present, no reporting option enabled, plain html publish.


                                    Will send you the project file, thanks.





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                                      jlevy@auctionpay Level 1

                                      This worked for me!  At least on the first project I tried.  I forced a .3 second (just to be sure) gap between each audio.


                                      Please find the reason and answer


                                      -----Original Message-----

                                      From: Ravi Kishore Reddy

                                      Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 5:13 PM

                                      To: Suresh Jayaraman

                                      Subject: RE: [ Bug Report ]

                                      Hi Suresh,

                                      This is how partial preloading will work. When the slide is not loaded completely we wait till it is loaded completely.

                                      In Joel case, as soon as audio file is loaded (after 10% preloading), we start playing. We don't wait for the rest of the swf to load.

                                      To play first slide audio, we need the audio file. As there is only one big audio file, we have to wait till the audio file is loaded.

                                      Problem comes due to the fact that we merge audio files in adjacent slides when there is almost no gap between the audio positioning.

                                      Workaround is to start every slide audio after 0.1 sec.

                                      This will make 42 audio files in the swf instead of one.


                                      Ravi Kishore.

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                                        GSkrinjar Level 1

                                        Worked for me also.


                                        Pitty I launched 20 courses without this option.

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                                          Good Day All,


                                          Instead of the answer here of delay audio by .1 second when there is audio in adjacent slides, would preloading work if I just went in and changed the AS in the preloaders to 10?


                                          I only have audio in my first slide (and would like to keep it) and no matter what I do 100% of the content downloads before the CBT starts.


                                          thank you for any ideas,



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                                            JPCaptivate Level 1



                                            Changing the percent in preloader AS code will not help since even then the audio on first slide will be big and the movie will not play unless whole of audio clip is downloaded.


                                            Is it not possible for you to split the audio?



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                                              OTTStormn Level 1

                                              ok - I am not sure that I am understanding everything...


                                              I am here so far.


                                              1. My current project has background audio (ambient music) set to loop until the end of the project.
                                              2. This audio is what is causing the preloader to fail.
                                              3. To force preloader to work the suggestion is to have audio start after 0.1 second on each slide.




                                              I read that as "Do not use looping background audio, instead place a separate audio file on each slide and have it start after 0.1 seconds." (I don't see anywhere to start background audio after 0.1 seconds on each slide)


                                              My concern is that I will now go from 1 audio file to 20 audio files which will allow me to stream but also forces me to push the same data 20 times.  Not only that but the user experience will be really weird (w w w worried it will sound like a bad DJ) on some of the faster slide changes.


                                              I am strongly leaning toward the simple expedient of not having any audio until/unless a patch is released which fixes this.


                                              If I got any of the above wrong or mixed up please let me know.



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                                                JPCaptivate Level 1

                                                Hi Norm,


                                                What is the size of the "ambient" background music that you are using in your project? And what is the preloader % that you are using?

                                                Will it be possible for you to share this project with us so that we can investigate further?





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                                                  GSkrinjar Level 1

                                                  Well, I have to jump in my own mounth now.


                                                  This does not does work for me.


                                                  Initailly, I separated the audio parts, ran the bandwidth analyzer, got the ok result and concluded it os ok.


                                                  Now I got the project to push to the web, and this soultion still does not work. Even with the audio moved for 0,1s it still loads the whole swf prior to launching, no matter if I select 5, 15, ort 25% preloader.


                                                  Captivate really is a timewaister.

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                                                    GSkrinjar Level 1

                                                    This question should not be marked answered.


                                                    I don't get Adobe support. I sent the mail to the inital contact and linked one of the CP files that has problems, with no reply.


                                                    I opened another bug report and got this happy message from adobe:



                                                    Thanks for your feedback! Requests and suggestions from our customers are what help us to continue creating cutting-edge, world-class software.

                                                    Due to the volume of submissions we receive, responses to inquiries are generally not possible. However, we may contact you if we need clarification on your submission.



                                                    So, you sold me a product that you say works, but it doesn't, I report the problem and you say that response is generally not possible for your cutting edge, world class software?


                                                    Well done.

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                                                      jlevy@auctionpay Level 1

                                                      All I can say is that the solution (I used a .3 second delay) worked for me and has worked on every project since (so far).  My project may be different from everyone else's.  I have a project made from a PPT slideshow with a single MP3 file (voice narration) imported (not linked).  I do not use it as a background audio.  I imported it to a single slide (first or last, but it doesn't really matter) then adjusted the slide timings to the appropriate point in the audio.  Once that is done, I adjust each slide's audio forward 0.3 seconds.

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                                                        GSkrinjar Level 1

                                                        Ok, I got myself together. Was a bit frustrated to have had to purchase iSpring software due to a deadline (simple add-in piece of software - worked Ok though).


                                                        Adobe came back and said they will look into the issue of my specific project (thank you Jayashree).


                                                        JLevy, If this works for you, then if will work for me, sooner or later,  this way or another.

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                                                          GSkrinjar Level 1

                                                          Adobe cam back, it seems that the bug is related to gif preloaders.


                                                          I tried using swf preloader, and in combo with moving the audio it worked.