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    can you help me draw a shape

    kimikimish Level 1



      I want to draw a vector shape like attached picture(01.png), appreciate the help very much.


      I have already done a shapre simmilar but I am stuck at combining the paths. I also attach what I've done

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          Nadia-P Level 5

          Attachments at the moment aren't working - they get queued but never make it to the forum.


          If you want to repost, use the small camera icon to upload the images instead.






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            kimikimish Level 1

            wouldn't matter, I just know that vector can't have two colors at the same time. For referencing I will post the picture again.


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              pixlor Level 4

              The trick in constructing an object like this is in seeing what its component parts are.


              First ignore that it is rotated. Then ignore that it is circular with a hole in it.


              Once you do that, you might see that the first steps would be...

              1. Create a red square. (300 pixels is nice.)

              2. Create two long grey rectangles and cross them over the square. (I tried 300x40, and that looked okay.)

              3. Group these three objects.

              I used even numbers for the dimensions, as it makes it easier to have symmetry.


              Now, you have something that you just need to turn into the circular shape. One way is to create a mask.

              4. Create a circle with diameter the same size as your square. (300 pixel diameter for my trial.)

              5. Create a smaller circle on top of the larger one that will be hole. (I used 200 pixels.)

              6. Arrange them so their centers are aligned. (I also aligned them with the square to save time.)

              7. Select both circles and use the menu Modify > Combine Paths > Punch. This punches the upper shape out of the lower shape.


              Now, you can use the circular shape as a mask for the square and rectangle grouped object

              8. Set the color of the circular shape to white.

              9. Select both the circular shape and the grouped square and rectangles and use the menu Modify > Mask > Group as Mask.


              Now, you can rotate the combined object.

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