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    Problem with Elements 7 losing the license yet again

      About 8 weeks ago my Elements program just stopped working and re boot, re install ect nothing worked. I then noticed in my account my license said 0 I contact support they sent me a exe file that did not work after 3 tries with them on the phone doing this they had me download tons of exe files that they talked me thru and after 3 hours of this it worked again. But I had to reconfigure and reload just about everything in my computer. That took me another 3 hours. Guess what it did it again today. Is anyone else dealing with this? Some one told me they thought it might be my Carbonite back up program that's doing this but I don't see how.

      At this point it might be better for me to go out and buy the program again and load that rather than spend 6 hours plus getting it to work. I wonder if I would have the same problem with a version I purchased in the store as opposed to the upgrade I puchased online and up loaded.

      Any thoughts or ideas?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know that the copy you've bought in a store will behave any different than the copy you've downloaded. It's the same code.


          I'm assuming the copy you downloaded was purchased, right? This isn't a trial.


          And I'm also assuming you didn't just register the trial when you bought your licensed copy. That won't work either. You need to completely uninstall the trial and install the copy you've purchased in order for the license to work. Otherwise, the trial will "time out" and stop working.


          Beyond that, I'm not sure that I've ever heard of this happening, except in a computer that's been affected by a virus. I doubt anyone on this forum can help you if Adobe tech support can't. Sorry.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            You say "I then noticed in my account my license said 0"... which account was this? With the boxed version you install the software, enter the serial number and that is it (if I recall )... it will contact Adobe via the internet when it activates the various codecs.

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              The 0 license I see is located in my account in the license area. All the other programs I purchased are there with a license but this one once again is not I purchased this program from this site as an upgrade back when it 1st came out. Last time the tech said "it happens sometimes" and tried the exe License Recovery and that did not work so they reinstalled everything and that did not work then after hours they tried something else and that DID work. But here I am in the same spot again. I know I do not have a virus of any type nor have I had one. Last time that's the 1st thing that was checked.

              I'm now thinking it is the Carbonite back up program I use.  Last time this happened it was not long after I installed Carbonite. When it was fixed Carbonite was removed along with other programs. I did not re install it till a few days ago (I'm lazy) and now it did it again.

              I wonder if because Carbonite backs up everything on my system is it makes it look like my one user license version of this program is out there in Carbonite space and mine is looking like a 2nd. Who knows. I figure at this point I don't want to spend another day and a half working with tech support removing everything and putting it back on when I can just run out to Best Buy and get a new one for $65. I will just remove the defective version, and have already removed Carbonite so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Since it will be a new purchase of PE7 then the non valid license copy I have no will be a non issue.

              Wish me luck.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Good luck with the new version. While it could just be coincidence that Carbonite "ate" your license, twice does point a finger. I've never used this backup system, so have no experience with it. The loss of the licensing is also an odd problem. With some other Adobe programs, like Photoshop, that require Activation, I have seen that fail, but very seldom. It was most often a problem with hooking into new wireless network, or similar.


                Please report back, as this could point to a problem with some programs and the use of Carbonite. Your unfortunate experiences could help some other user in time.



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                  After digging around I found out some info about Carbonite. There has been "issues" where it has damaged programs in the past. Infact when I removed the program a survey came up asking why and one of the choices was did it damage a program. Hmmmm makes one wonder. Also last year people that had PE6 and Carbonite were upset because it was not backing up their PE6 files and their response was they were "going to work on it" could be they over did it. After I removed Carbonite I downloaded PE6 that I had removed when I got 7 and it works fine it had never been back up.

                  Yesterday morning when I was checking the progress of the back up it was showing it was into my PE7 program backing up files. Last night I no longer was a licensed copy.

                  I would suggest if you are thinking about using Carbonite for your back up you might want to think twice about it.


                  Now I'm off to Best Buy to buy the program.