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    Flex2 medium-large project

      The question is:

      I am involved in a medium/large project based in flex2(this is as3), and I would like to confirm with you which will be the correct plataform configuration to exchange data with a mysql database.

      Thinking in a big , scalability, robusted, modularity, rapidity, and mantenible project.

      We have pointed our efforts to make a php development, but to join to the rpc's we should use the AMFPHP, and as I told, this project is quit big , the idea to maintain all the php code it makes me sick. To solve this, we thougth to use cairngorm as a framework.
      So, we are thinking it is NOT going to be very easy to join all these pieces, so that's why I would like to ask you to confirm the plataform or it would be very usefull and interesting for us that some of you proposed another thing.

      Thanks again,
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          Senor_Roberto Level 1
          As far as your client side Flex architecture is concerned, Cairngorm is a good choice I think.

          Big , scalability, robusted, modularity, rapidity, and mantenible aren't words that come to mind when someone says PHP, except rapidity :) OK I'll stop trolling now...

          But! if this is your teams first adventure into a large, scary Flex app it's going to make it even harder if you're dealing with an unfamiliar server side technology AND an unfamiliar client side technology.

          So this begs the question, what skills does your team have on the server side?
          J2EE/JEE or .NET seem like the first two obvious choices for a large scale backend. (Just how large are we talking? i.e. concurrent users, database size, etc).

          Is MySQL the right choice as well?

          I'm not making technology judgements here, they are all tools. Just trying to get some more information :)

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            peterent Level 2
            If you were to include LiveCycle Data Services ES as part of your solution, you could use our adapters: RemoteObject, SQL, and Hibernate. I know that both the SQL and Hibernate assemblers work well with MySQL.
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              Ansury Level 3
              I can add that if you're not doing something that's request-response based, i.e. you need the server to "push" (as they call it) to the client sometimes without a corresponding client request, standard Cairngorm may not be ideal for you IMO. At least this has been my experience. If you were going to use PHP, you probably had a similar architecture in mind anyway, so it'd probably work fine.

              Although -- you could probably adjust Cairngorm a little to suit your needs, even if it isn't perfectly suited. Take a look at the source, it's not really a huge or complex framework, I found that I was doing almost the same thing before I discovered Cairngorm... and I'm a big fan of simplicity. Hopefully it'll stay small and not grow into some huge J2EE framework bloat-fest.