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      I'm trying to set up a dynamic, real time LineChart in which each child line series is updated with a new value every 2-3 seconds and the pervious entries scroll to the left of the chart until they eventually drop off. I've set up a sliding window of 1 minute using a horizontal DateTimeAxis in which I update the axis minimum and maximum every animation tick. The widgets ultimate target behavior is very similar to that of a seismograph.
      My problem is that to get the scrolling behavior, I use a SeriesInterpolate with the "showDataEffect". This works fine until my first series value hits the minimum value in my horizontal axis time window, at which time the rendered series lines begin jumping to the maximum linear value of my yAxis. This continues with all previously entered lineseries values, until all of the correctly rendered line segments are pulled to their maximum yValue and disapear from the chart. The series lines also stops rendering any new added value, although sometimes the Flex app will flicker during redraw and I can see that the values are actually being added and drawn. Also, I can use the mouse over tooltips on the added values, though they do not render correctly.
      So my theory is that I'm simply not setting up the SeriesInterpolate object correctly. Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on?

      Many thanks.