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    no scrollbar after sequence / animation




      I have this sort of animation to unfold my panel / propery grid box


          <mx:Sequence id="animatePropertyPanel" >
             <mx:Resize target="{propertyPanel}" heightTo="20" duration="300" effectEnd="removePropertyGrid(event);"/>
             <mx:Resize target="{propertyPanel}" heightTo="420" duration="100"/>        
             <mx:Resize target="{propertyPanel}" heightTo="320" duration="100"/>                    
             <mx:Resize target="{propertyPanel}" heightTo="400" duration="100"/>      


      Where it targets this one:


          <mx:VBox width="100%" id="propertyPanel">       


      on the removePropertyGrid(), i remove an exiting <form> layout container in it and replace it with a new one. But sometimes it will have components that are larger than the area where my panel / property grid box therefore I expect te scrollbars to show but it isn't.


      This only happens when i apply flex animation to it but if i simply add the child the scrollbars would show up as expected.


      Any ideas?