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    Premiere CS4 playback .mov (quicktime file) in Mac




      I recently acquired CS4 and the latest loaded Macbook Pro 2.66 GHz. I have problem with playing back .mov file - which obvisouly main NLE format for Mac. I've been testing with 15 seconds 1920 x 1080 clip - size about 150 MB which I transcoded from AVCHD via Cineform/TMPGEnc (PC)/VoltaicHD. Regardless of any transcoders I use, when I playback the file in the Source window, video is stuttered and very choppy. Rendering certainly helps that I can play nicely in the timeline but the major problem is that I cannot work with multi-cam monitor on. With only two .mov clips on multi-cam, it is way too stuttered and choppy that there's no way I can work with.  HDV footages captures directly from my Z5U works flawless even with editing mult-cam monitor - which obviously not .mov file. I even tested the same clip transcoded into .avi and it plays back nicely with multi-camera monitor on my old PC (Core2 2.0 GHz) running Premiere Pro 2.0. Thought it is Premiere Memory Management issue dealing with quicktime file (.mov).


      Does anyone has the same issue working with .mov file for editing multi-cam? I'm so stressed out for the last few days - I want to go back to FCP instead. Thanks!



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          Hey Jun


          Did you ever work out this multicam issue?  I am using a MACbook Pro with CS4 PP and 3 HDV clips in multicam an it just freezes up when running.  It starts and about 5 seconds into it the images freeze.  The time line counter runs and when I hit stop, it updates its locations but none of the thumbnail images move.  Just wondering if you solved the mystery.  Oh I am using MPEG files vs. MOV.



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            fuzzmac Level 1



            Forget about using CS4 for multicam HDV streaming. I decided to go 

            back FCP 6. I tried all the intermediate codec with various file sizes 

            for playing back multicam stream in CS4 but none of them working. 

            Either playing back is very choppy stuttered or doesn't play back at 

            all.  CS4 is not the right program for Mac. Funny thing is it works 

            flawlessly on PC which is less powered than my Macbook Pro. They 

            shoudnt release it for Mac.  Sorry I couldnt help you much. Please let 

            me know if you find a solution for this.  Good luck.


            .. Jun


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