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    Image_map Issues - Help!




      I have a delimna with my image maps. I'm using Robohelp Html v7 to create an online help

      system for an GUI application. In my topic I have an image. I'm using the image map tool to

      create popup boxes for each button on my image. In some of those popup boxes I reference

      another topic which also has an image that have popup boxes associated with its various

      buttons on the image. Now, when I test the topics individually by clicking on a button on the

      image a popup associated with that button displays just fine. However, when I test it

      altogether I'm running into some issues.


      Here are the steps:


      1.  I open the topic

      2.  I press a button on the image contained on that topic - a popup is displayed

           referencing another topic (2nd topic).

      3.  I press a button on the image in the 2nd topic, the popup associated with

           the 2nd topic does not display. Not only that, the 2nd topic popup goes

           away as well.

      4.  At this point, I'm back at my original topic. So, I press the same button. This

           time not only does the 2nd topic re-display in a popup but the popup associated

           with the button I pressed in step 3 from 2nd topic is now displayed.


      Is this a known bug in Robohelp? If so, is there a work-around? If not, can you

      suggest other options I can try?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          I believe the issue here is that popups, regardless of whether they are created from an image map or not, are not designed to work in this manner. A popup window has no visible method of closing it. It is closed simply by clicking anywhere on the window. Therefore by having a popup containing an image map on which you have to click to display a third topic is closing the original popup. The only way around this I can think of is to use hyperlinks inside the popup.


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            sb4018 Level 1

            Thanks.  Your answer resolved my issue.  For those topics with popups, in the hyperlink I defined them to popup in the same frame.