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    Text Pop Ups


      I have Robo x5 and have Contact list set up using the Table Feature (Retro 7 format).  The page is sectioned off by Addresses, Fax numbers, Telephone numbers with a text pop up box associated as the link.  On more than one occassion I have had the end user tell me that when they clicked on a particular link, other nformation will appear that is not correct.  One end user did close out the independent page and reopen using the link on our home page.  The pop ups worked fine then.  He'd had the page open since 8:15am and it was 1:30 when he ran into issues.  I usually publish around 10:30 each morning.


      I am wonrdering what the issue could be on several fronts; is the mouseover speed/click the reason, is it becaus ethe page has been open several hours and not refreshed (especially after the production site is published?)


      Has anyone experienced such a thing and/or have suggestions as to what the issue could be?  I don't want my end users to be frustrated, but I need to educate them if it's an actionable they must take.

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          This is almost certainly a Web Browser Cache issue, where the user is using a cache copy rather than your updated copy.


          Probably the best fix is user education. IE, if they experience a problem, refresh their browser.


          Another possibililty is to mention changing their browser settings. In IE 7, it would go like this.



               Internet Options

                    Browing History - Click Settings

                         Check: Check for newer pages of stored pages automatically.


          However, this will not fix the person who opens the page for the day. They would need to refresh.


          Another alternative is a warning email to your client list whenever you post a new copy, but that can become cumberson and inefficient for your organization, for daily dates.


          Just thinking now and looking for someone else to weigh in.


          Are their html codes that force page refreshing on a time basis? Or anyway at all, in the html, to force the brower to open a fresh page rather than a cache page?


          My 2 cents worth.  Dennis O'Neal

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            libsport Level 1

            Great advice and suggestions.  I am not sure on the cache vs html that you reference at the end of your note, but I'll do a bit of research.  THANK YOU!


            - Donna

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              phiguru Level 1

              Oh, the cache vs html was just fishing. I've not seen it, but I've noticed that the spam people seem to get html to do some marvelous, er yukky, things on my machines. So, who knows, maybe there is a Flash module or something like that forces page refreshes every so many minutes, something like that.


              But, for the work around's I mentioned, it should help as long as your user(s) remember to refresh and it will definitely help if they recognize the problem and know how to fix it.  Most folks just want to get their jobs done and don't mind working with us administrator types.


              Good luck. Be happy to exchange other idea. I'm just posting right now on Robo Version 8 pods that don't behave. Set the environment the proper way, log on again, all the pods have rearranged.  Confusing my users who want to be authors rather than playing Solitaire with the pods.


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