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    Changing mod to avi using Power Director v7


      I was just given a JVC Hard drive Camcorder and Power Dirctor v7 as a gift.  I prefer using my Adobe Premier 7, much better editing.  But I am wanting to use the Power Director to change my clips to DV-AVI.    I can render to DV.AVI if I just do individual clips or  a series of clips put in there time line and processed from there.  But Power Director v7 crashes every time I try to render a video from their timeline made with added audio, titles etc.  I get no answer from there forum (Boy you guys are so great here with your prompt answers, we should give you hugs.) I am expecting that I cann't render a whole video into a file to put into Premier  as a DV.AVI file.  Is this because of the audio and titles, effects etc, or the program just not working?  I kind of like some ot their titles and stuff I downloaded there, but I can live without it.


      I can just put the mod clips into Premier and they seem to work okay for productions, but I heard that they would be better changed to DV-AVI.


      Maybe I should ask this in a different post ....but, should all my wma audio be changed to mpeg3 or will wma work okay in Premier?



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          See this current thread to see the issues that can be seen with MOD files in PE7 (the last couple of pages are the most recent updates)



          Converting to DV-AVI can indeed resolve these issues and the poster in teh above thread is starting to look at this option.


          Cant really help you with your Power Director issues only to say that if you can not export with DV-AVI with titles/effects from Power Director than they can be added in PE7 as you know. Even though it may not have the exact same options as available in Power Director.


          WMA can be imported into PE7. If you should have issues you can select it then go Clip>Audio>Render and Replace. The audio clip on your timeline will be replaced with a WAV file.

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            bjpiper Level 1

            Thank you, Paul, for the prompt reply. It was helpful.

            I just noticed in my post I did not state my problem clearly.   I am not really wanting to work in Power Director, I only wanted to render the files to DV-AVI's from MOD's. Power Director seems to produce its movies okay but  I like  Premier Elements much better. I want to redo the few productions I made in Power Director using Premier 7.  In other words what kind of a format should I use to save the Power Director's  production to a file? I want to be able to open this file with Pre 7  and continue working on that production in Pre 7.  Can I do this or must I start fresh with just the video clips.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I use CyberLink PowerDirector as an intermediate step for some other file formats. My edition is a couple of years old (do not recall the version # and the workstation is on a big Render), so it is not the latest. All I do is Import the various files into it, align them on the Timeline with nothinig else and then Export to DV-AVI. I bring those files to the HDD. I Import them into PrPro and do all of my editing there. I have also Exported from PowerDirector to miniDV tape via firewire to on of my cameras, and then done the Capture in Premiere, however that is not usually necessary, as the Export to DV-AVI does what I want.


              As to problems with PowerDirector, I've had none, but only use it as a tool in the workflow. I've never really tried editing with it. All additional Audio Tracks, Titles, PiP, etc., are done in Premiere.


              Do not know if this helps.


              Good luck,



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                bjpiper Level 1

                Thanks Hunt, I think this tells me the way I should go.   Putting all the clips for one production in the timeline in PowerDirector and saving as DV-AVI file should solve part of my problem.  I think trying to add the effects, titles, etc. from Power Director won't work.  I only really was interested in using some I had downloaded from their site that were made by  other people and quite clever.   I will just plan to get some ideas from there and do my own thing.   It is actually more rewarding.   I am more of an artist than a  tech person. I usually work in  Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter, but am really getting interested in making movies.  I guess they can all be tied together. 


                Maybe when Adobe does Pre 8 they will improve the use of the mod files.   My JVC camera would not have been my choice, but since it was a gift, it is what I have to work with.

                Thanks again.  


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Good luck with both your camera and the new aspect of your art.


                  I understand the utilization of some existing elements. I have been using several Magix audio programs and picked up their NLE, just to utilize some of the image material, actually contained within the audio programs and in their additional content discs. It works fine for that, using their proprietary video format. Still, I do only rudimentary work within that program, and then Export to something that I can use in PrPro (in my case). It's like having my Snap-On® swivel sockets in my toolbox, that is mostly filled with Craftsman® tool sets. When you need a different tool, you acquire it.


                  I'm also glad to hear mention of Painter. I love that program and have used it from ver 3, back long before Corel became involved. While I'm up to ver 10, I still have a copy of 4 on one machine, because I like some of the old Fractal Design interface better. However, back before about ver 5, it did not support .PSD files so well, so I still do a lot of work in the older version, then bring through ver 10 and on to Photoshop.


                  Unlike a lot of folk, I like keeping programs apart, though I do appreciate their working well together. If I want to do NLE work, then I grab PrPro. If I want to do paint work, then Painter comes into play. Same for Encore for DVD authoring and Illustrator for vector art work. They are but tools, like a palette knife, or Japanese brushes.


                  I also feel that PE should support a wider range of consumer/prosumer formats, than it does. Still, it's better than its "big-brother," PrPro, and that is why I have it - to get material into PrPro for actual editing. At least with the PE forum, users are lucky to have Steve, Paul_LS, Robert Johnson and others, who have the knowledge and take the time to find ways to get all sorts of media to work. Yes, there may be an extra step, or two, but they come up with workflows that work, allowing one to use various media types to get the final result. Users, who come here, are fortunate, indeed. Too many fora are populated with people who's response is just, "nah, can't be done. Get different software." These guys are good, and many benefit greatly from their work and expertise.


                  Fortunately for me, my hemispheres occupy about equal control, so I get my "tech fix," and my "art fix."


                  As Eddie Lotter says, "happy editing."



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                    bjpiper Level 1

                    Enjoyed reading your reply, Hunt..  I too, love Painter.  I have a background in painting and it is a great program to create in.  I have used it since I first got aWacom stylus and tablet a long time ago.  I am up to Painter X but haven't gotten the new version yet.  Been to busy with Elements.  I have most of the versions of it from 2 up.  It has more practical uses for me, I am hoping someday Adobe will make it so I can really paint in it too.  Then I can settle on just one program.


                    I am not out of the woods yet with converting my mod's to avi's.  Power Director now crashes everytime I try to make a avi file.  Even with just one clip.  I recently downloaded a patch they had for it and I think my trouble with crashing started after that.  I'll have to check into to that more.


                    I was reading my Premier Elements 7 book by Steve Grisetti and took his advise to download Steamclip.  That went okay but now I have to remove my Quick time to use the alternate that will work with Steamclip. But my Quicktime was upgraded so I can save Quicktime movies and I think I will loose that feature when I remove the program.  Doubt the alternate does that.   Nothing runs smoothly sometimes.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Because I only use PowerDirector as a tool in the process, I have updated it, nor have I upgraded it. Wish I could help you there. Mine is about 2 full versions back (meant to check on the #, but forgot).


                      Do not use, or know StreamClip. Have never needed it, as I am pleased with another conversion program, DigitalMedia Converter. As long as it works for the files that I feed it, I'll probably not be testing other solutions. Many here, and also in Muvipix, can help you, as they know and use the program. I've seen discussion on the QT Alternative, but did not follow those threads closely, since they did not apply to anything in my workflow. You might get to some of these threads with a Search on "Streamclip," here and at Muvipix.


                      I got my first Painter, when I bought the then just-released Wacom ArtZII 12x12 pad. It may have been ver 2, and when I upgraded, plus added the additional content, ended up with ver 3. I did not know that there was a new version out there - need to read my Corel e-mails more often.


                      As for Photoshop, it has incorporated more, and more "painterly" effects over the years. It's getting closer to Painter, and Painter has been working more closely with native PS files, but they do still need to be on my systems. One complaint that I have is that with about Painter 8 (?), the ability to do a full "Auto-Clone" treatment with custom Brushes. More, better and customizable Brushes were added, but suddenly the Auto-Clone feature would not handle them. It became a matter of wanting the more powerful Brushes and doing the Cloning by hand, or using the older Brushes and doing Auto-Clone. Hey, at least I had a workaround for my compromise. It's little changes, like this, that force me to keep older versions on my workstation.


                      Good luck with StreamClip,