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    Webslice names lost when page duplicated; states not retaining webslice visibility?

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      I use Fireworks Pages as a way to create skins of different sizes for various applications (such as Mixtikl - www.intermorphic.com/tools/mixtikl/). I use a Fireworks "master page" (a reference page I do all the design work in) that I then duplicate that page a number of times, and resize all the assets in those duplicates to suit different screen sizes (there are 7 screen sizes supported at present). I then export the individual (resized) named slices from each of the duplicated (and resized) pages. It is a laborious process, but it works. However, I now have need to use various button states in that master page and thus have need of overlapping slices for those.


      When using FW CS3 I found that when duplicating a page, webslice names were not retained in the duplicated page. When the page is duplicated all webslices get set to a generic "slice.png". This behaviour is still the same in FW CS4.


      I found I could work around this by first selecting and deleting the webslices in the duplicated page, and then copying the webslices from the "master page" and pasting them into the weblayer of the duplicated page. I would then resize the duplicated page. It is not ideal, as every time I make a change to the master layer, I have to go through the renaming process all over again when I duplicate and resize my 7 skins - hence wanting the slice names to be kept!


      However, due to some iPhone reskinning I am doing for Mixtikl, I find I now need to do multistate buttons - which requires the use of overlapping (differently named) webslices for the different button states.


      I thought I might be able to do this by using my existing approach and just toggling on/off visibility of webslices. It was going to be very complicated, so I decided it would be easiest to keep track of what was going on if I put these webslices in sublayers that I could turn on/off, but soon found out that when copying/pasting webslice sublayers into my duplicate pages, all the sublayer information is lost and ALL slices get put into one main layer (flat list). So that ruled out that approach.


      I then got excited about the possibility of using multiple states with a "flat" webslice/weblayer list, and then toggling the various webslice visibilities within the different states - but I then found that the webslice item status (hide/show) is NOT retained between states, so I have to reset for each state before exporting, which defeats the purpose.


      I am now out of ideas for workarounds. Does anyone know of any workaround to get duplicate pages to retain slice names, or for states to retain webslice visibility information?


      Thanks in advance for any pointers!