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    Performance vs. Security


      I am a high school Media Tech teacher with a CS4 lab.  Each computer has  2G Ram/ 50G HD and yet producing our 5-7 minutes announcements each morning has become a major pain.  The computer freezes OFTEN.  I monitor the students closely (ok I'm pretty much sitting next to them as they edit these days) and cannot tell that they are doing anything out of the ordinary.   I highly suspect our technology gestapo of installing some type of security program that is not compatible with the CS4.  (It did take them more than 2 months to realize the computer had to have a local profile in order to work)

      Any thoughts or suggestions?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Get the IT staff to give each of your users full administrative rights. It may give them the creeps, but it is the best way to accomplish anything. It does not hurt system integrity for those who have only good intentions as students should. If hackers can easily steal terrabytes of secret and sensitive data about the JSF from the Pentagon, who cares about a school?

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            GranburyTeach Level 1

            I went from a small CBS affiliate to teaching less than a year ago.

            I know enough computers to be dangerous and even less about networks like my school district uses.


            Would you explain how changing to full administrative rights might help?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              In the User Account settings you can give full administrative rights. It has the benefit that PP has access to everything it needs. OK, security is compromised, but if you are sitting next to your students, what are the risks? Generally PP works better with full administrative rights than with more limited access rights.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Is the "50G HD" a typo? Even with just Windows XP and PrPro on the system, a lot has to be fit onto one HDD and such a small one, at that. Plus, you have PrPro and Windows trying to read/write to the same disc at once. This could be especially troubling, if there is some IT snooper program working, plus say Windows Indexing.


                Now, you are networked, so maybe you've found a way to keep all Assets, Scratch Disks, Exports, etc. on a networked drive. Still, with the way that PrPro hates networks, I'd be surprised if there were not problems along the way.


                I know that Harm has some networking, but think that he mainly uses his NAS for Asset storage and system backups.


                If his idea of the administrator's rights does not pay off, maybe get the IT person to sit in on a session. I know that educational budgets are tight and each class fights for every $, but maybe IT could help you get just a bit more for your students.


                Good luck, and let us know how it goes. We see a lot of educational users of PrPro here, but most of us have stand-alone editing machines and do not have to fight multiple users and networks.



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  I know that Harm has some networking, but think that he mainly uses his NAS for Asset storage and system backups.


                  Let me explain it a bit more, Bill. The NAS (10.5 TB) is used for backup of all data on the two servers. These two servers are physically separated, one at my house, the other one at my son's but connected through a VPN. Since both are also mailservers they operate as backup for each other. (This of course is reflected in the DNS records). On the server here I have all stills and music that I could use in video projects and these are always imported from the network drives. No problem with using those assets over the network.


                  On my video machine (16 TB) I have all my clips. When a project is finished, I copy the result to the server, where daily backups are made to the NAS. In that way I always have a local copy of the final results and a copy on the server or NAS.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Sorry, in some mysterious way an answer to another thread was transferred here without my intention.