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    After Effects CS4 install on Win XP 64bit OS

      I am trying to install the After Effects CS4 trial unto a Win XP 64bit OS.  There was only one trial download available and figure that if there is a 64-bit trial versions, it would be packaged with this also.


      The installer designates installation location as "C:/Program/Adobe" which is correct as this is the 64bit program folder location.  However, it actually drops the application in "C:/Program Files/Adobe (x86)".  Also when After Effects CS4 is ran, it shows up as a 32-bit app in the Windows Task Manager process list (labeled as "AfterFX.exe *32")


      If possible, is there a way to get After Effects CS4 properly recognized as a 64bit app under XP64?  I know this OS is not fully support per system requirements, but managed to install Photoshop CS4 as a 64bit app without issues.


      Another thing that confuses me also is the After Effects CS4Readme/technote:




      Per known issues ...


      "When installing on 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, an incorrect default installation location appears. The application will be installed in the correct location: C:\Program Files (x86). (#BG064131)"


      Does this mean After Effects CS4 is a 32-bit only app?